About Us

Gür Plastic Inc. reached success about medicine package of the pharmaceutical industry with precise structure by quality and modern works serving to Turkish Industry since 1973. Contemporary mentality, powerful and quality machine park, experienced crew , reformer and researcher works are most important factors of our success.


Gür Plastic Inc. proved its quality by CE Europe Product Security Certificate, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality systems.



Gür Plastic Inc.


Central Adress: Selimpaşa Sanayi Bölgesi 500. Cad. 5002 Sk. No: 21 Silivri - İSTANBUL


Trade Register Number: 223728 - 171290


Capital: 2.160.000,00


Board of Directors :


Chairman: Alper Varınca

Members: Faik Varınca, Ahmet Kirezlik, Hakan Kirezlik